Grooming Services

• Wash and Dry Only

• Wash, Dry, Nails and Ears Checked & Cleaned if necessary

• Full Groom


Your dog will enjoy a massaging bath before having his or her coat fully dried using modern and up to date drying equipment and techniques (no cage dryers).

Your dog will be well cared for and reassured during the clipping process. We can guarantee your dog’s wellbeing is our main priority and once the dog is on the table, he or she has all our attention and will never be left alone. We only take one dog at a time (if required, we can cater for more than one dog from the same family).

Styles and types of cut will be discussed before the appointment.

Nails will be checked and if needed, will be trimmed. Ears will also checked and cleaned if necessary.

We offer a collection and delivery service if required. Please contact for details.

Nervous, Fear Aggressive and Disabled dogs are catered for and special attention is given to elderly dogs and puppies.

Grooming Costs

Each dog and it’s owner has a different requirement.

Prices will vary depending on the breed, condition of the coat and the amount of styling required.

If your dog is very matted, please contact us and we can discuss the grooming required and cost. Removing matt’s is a time consuming process and can be very uncomfortable for the dog. Taking time to slowly and carefully remove the matt’s is the most important part of the grooming process.

Please get in touch for prices.

Walking Service

Glampooch are now offering a Dog Walking Service.

Walking Prices
Group Walks:
If your dog is happy to be around other dogs, we offer group walking sessions – this is usually only 2 dogs at any one time – unless the dogs are from the same family or used to being walked together, in which case, I will take 3 or 4 max.
£6 per 30 minute walk (local area only). £2 for second dog.
£8 per one hour walk (local areas). £3 for second dog.
£10 per one hour walk (out of local area). £3 for second dog.

Solo Walks: 
If you would prefer your dog to be walked alone with no other dogs, we are happy to offer a solo walk.
£6 per 30 minute walk (local area only). £2 for second dog from same family.
£10 per one hour walk (local areas). £3 for second dog from same family.
£12 per one hour walk (out of local area). £3 for second dog from same family.

Discounts available for third/fourth dog from the same family per walk.
Discounts available for second walk of the day.
Further discount if you live within walking distance of where we are based in Laindon.

We are also available to take your dog to the vets if you are unable to do so.

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Sitting Service

Please enquire for pet sitting costs. Ideal if you are due to be out of the home for a whole day for a wedding, funeral, appointments, work meetings etc.  My service includes me coming to your home, letting your dog out in the garden, changing water, feeding if necessary, provide lots of love and cuddles and reassurance. Also happy to look after your cat whilst you are away.  I will feed and change cat litter twice a day (more if requested).  Unfortunately, I do not offer home boarding in my own home.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog to provide their daily exercise and provide lots of love and cuddles.  You can be assured your dog will be in very good hands.